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Nov 19

Village Brewery’s Connection to Alberta Barley

Posted on Nov 19 By: Karin Olafson

For Village Brewery, choosing local barley means choosing the best for a consistently high quality product.

It should come as no surprise that Village Brewery chooses to use local barley. After all, using local is a big part of its business philosophy.

Village Brewery was formed in 2011. The company has seven founders and they have more than 160 years of collective experience in the Alberta beer industry. According to Kirk MacDonald, one of the company’s brewers who has worked at Village for two years now, the founders’ main goal was to start something that was entirely based on community and that gathered people together.

A company that’s designed to be for the community also supports the community. Village Brewery’s philosophy is to be as local as possible, highlighted by its clever company slogan: “It takes a village to raise a beer.” The company supports local arts projects and groups, and brews its small-batch beer using local ingredients including hops grown in community gardens and Alberta barley.

MacDonald says that the main reason Village chooses Alberta two-row barley is because it’s the local option, fitting perfectly with the company’s main business philosophy. “As a company, we like giving back to the community,” says MacDonald. “Sourcing our barley from somewhere outside of Alberta wouldn’t help Alberta. Being able to use local ingredients like Alberta barley and support the local farmers is very important to us.”

But Village doesn’t use local simply because it’s local; they use it because it’s the best. MacDonald says that the quality of the barley is consistently of high quality, allowing the final product to always be of high quality too. “We take pride in the consistency of our products,” explains MacDonald. “When someone orders a Village Blonde, for example, they’re going to get the same Village Blonde every single time.”

MacDonald believes that the one characteristic of Alberta barley that makes it great and efficient for brewing is that it always results in a high yield and it’s easy to get the sugars that they need from it. When it comes to making great Alberta beer, MacDonald credits the local barley. “There’s not one single characteristic that makes Alberta barley great for producing Village beer,” explains MacDonald. “I just know that every time we get it, it’s of the highest quality.”

The combination of Village Brewery’s use of local ingredients and its community involvement results in a craft beer that is easy to drink and love.

“We’re proud of the beer we make here at Village,” says MacDonald. “And as we continue to grow, our product remains of the same quality that it’s always been, which is important to our consumers.”

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