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Apr 3

Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) Guidance for Employers Released

Posted on Apr 3 By: Victoria Decker

From the Grain Growers of Canada update

  • TFW are allowed to come to Canada for work and if permits are granted. Quarantine/hygiene guidelines are being developed and will include a requirement for workers to isolate/quarantine themselves for two weeks before they are permitted to work. The onus is on employers to show risk management guidelines are in effect and being followed.
  • AAFC is in the process of establishing a team to work in cooperation with other departments to facilitate the movement of TFW’s to Canada. This team would be dedicated to providing direct support to industry who may be facing challenges bringing workers to Canada.
  • Global Affairs Canada is also prepared to work with other countries to facilitate the process and has already initiated talks with Guatemala, Mexico and some Caribbean countries. Their current pre-occupation at this point remains the repatriation of Canadian citizens.


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