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Sep 10

September 3 crop report

Posted on Sep 10 By: Jeremy Boychyn MSc P.Ag.

Peace region
Overall crop rating:
 Approximately 68.4% of both wheat and barley crops are rated good to excellent. Above five and 10-year averages.
Moisture rating: The majority of the region is rated good or excellent, with some areas that are still excessively wet.
Crop Stage: No harvesting has started in the Peace region. Some crops are getting close to death or preharvest timing.
Other major challenges: Slugs have been an issue in parts of this region. Unfortunately, there are no registered control options. 

Northern region
Overall crop rating:
 75.6% of barley crops and 85.3% of wheat crops are rated good to excellent on the east side of the region, and only around 41.9% of barley crops and 49.5% of wheat crops are rated good to excellent on the west side of the region. The northwest region is well below the five and 10-year averages while the east is around the five and 10-year average.
Moisture rating: The east side of the region is generally rated good to excellent, while the west side is either rated good to excellent, or experiencing excessive moisture.
Crop stage: Minor amounts of harvest progress has occurred in the east while no harvest has begun in the west.

Central region
Overall crop rating:
 90.1% of barley fields and 83.4% of wheat fields are rated good to excellent. Five and 10-year averages are 57.4 and 64.7, respectively.
Moisture rating: 75 percent of land rated good to excellent.
Crop stage: Less than 5% of the crop has been harvested.

Southern region
Overall crop rating:
 53.8% of barley and 53.4% of wheat crops are rated good to excellent. This is slightly below the five-year average of 51.8%.
Moisture rating: Currently 63% is rated poor to fair.
Crop stage: Harvest is about 24% combined and 8% weather.
Other major challenges: The lack of moisture is negatively affecting crop yield. Late rains and hail storms have created issues around secondary tillers and multistage crops. 

This data was summarized from the Alberta government crop report. If your region or area differs from information presented in this crop report, please give us a shout at and let us know what you are seeing.

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