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Press Release

Dec 6

Research chair stays on as Director-at-Large

Posted on Dec 6 By: admin

(Banff, AB) Dec. 6, 2012 – Richard Mueller will remain as Alberta Barley’s director-at-large for Region Five after defeating challenger and former director Leo Meyer.

The announcement came at the ABC’s annual general meeting in Banff and Mueller was happy to hear he will continue to serve Alberta’s barley farmers.

“I’m pleased with the result,” said Mueller, who first became a delegate with the ABC in 2006 before becoming a director three years later. “It’s good to have healthy competition at our Commission—it shows people really care about the future of barley.”

Mueller has been a farmer since 1969 along with his wife, Rose. His 2,000-acre operation is 10 kilometres east of Barrhead, AB, where he was born. The farm is now a joint operation with his son, Rick, a previous winner of the Outstanding Young Farmers of Alberta award in 2006. Mueller is the owner-operator of Rick’s Pedigreed Seeds and he is involved with the Alberta Seed Growers’ Association and the Alberta Pulse Growers.

Chairman Matt Sawyer said he’s glad to see Mueller remain on the board.
“Having someone on the Board with as much ag knowledge as Richard is tremendous,” said Sawyer. “I have enormous respect for his work ethic and his passion for our industry.”

Mueller also serves as the ABC’s Research Committee chair. He has led the committee’s reshaping and revitalization to include more farmers and industry stakeholders.

“Research is important and I think the industry is at a crossroads where top-level work for cereals is really going to set up the next generation of farmers for success,” he said. “I’m looking forward to doing my part as a Commission director. My goal is to continue to support the livestock industry so we have a good basis for our feed industry.”

Canada’s only barley commission, Alberta Barley is a not-for-profit organization directed, funded and controlled by the province’s barley farmers. The Commission co-ordinates and sponsors research, market development, technology transfer and policy development on behalf of its producers.

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