Alberta Barley

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Improving malting barley production in Eastern Canada, cultivar and germplasm development

Project lead:
Dr. Thin-Meiw Choo
Research Scientist
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Timeline: April 2013 – March 2018


Alberta Barley funding: $16,750
Total funding from other partners: $66,250

Benefits for barley farmers
Improved malting barley cultivars, once identified, will result in higher premium prices for barley farmers, expansion of local and overseas markets, and greater diversity of craft beers in Eastern Canada.

The project aims to improve malting barley production in Eastern Canada through identification of improved malting barley cultivars. Barley breeders with the University of Saskatchewan and Alberta Agriculture, and in Australia and Argentina, have agreed to provide seeds of barley cultivars/advanced breeding lines for testing in Eastern Canada.

Recent developments
An Eastern Canada Malting Barley Test was conducted at 3 locations in 2015. The Argentine cultivar Andreia performed reasonably well and will be further tested in 2016. Thirty-eight lines from the University of Saskatchewan, 28 from Alberta Agriculture, and 7 lines from Australia were tested at Harrington in 2015, and 25 of them were selected for further testing in 2016.

Objectives for the upcoming year
Continuing to identify potential good malting barley caultivars/germplasm is an objective for the next year.

Last updated June 2016