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Aug 5

Prairie Pest Monitoring Network’s new website has your back

Posted on Aug 5 By: Jeremy Boychyn

Numerous insects play an economic role in the production of wheat and barley in Alberta. Cutworms, aphids, wireworms, grasshoppers, wheat midge, sawfly, and cereal leaf beetles are just a few of these. To minimize the potential impacts these pests can have on your crop you will want to be armed with knowledge of pest lifecycles, feeding habits, environmental impacts on populations, and potential control options. Luckily, the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network (PPMN) has your back. PPMN has been providing weekly pest updates to producers for a number of years. However, this year marks a big move as they migrate to a newly designed website geared toward even more efficient information delivery. Whether you have been receiving their updates previously or are new to the PPMN, head over to the new website and subscribe to their newsletter (those that were already receiving their newsletter will need to re-subscribe due to privacy laws).

When subscribed, you can expect to receive information about current insect concerns, insect identification and insect monitoring tools/protocols, as well as risk maps to help you stay prepared.

For a detailed breakdown of what the PPMN program looks to provide, check out our podcast with Dr. Meghan Vankosky of AAFC Saskatoon

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