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Dec 17

Plot2Farm Pilot Year Results

Posted on Dec 17 By: Jeremy Boychyn

This year, the commissions’ agronomy portfolio expanded by adding an on-farm research program, designed specifically for farmers, called Plot2Farm. Plot2Farm is an easy-to-use program that enables Alberta farmers to implement on-farm research trials based on research and crop management strategies of their interest. With the help of an agronomist, farmers can test an agronomic management strategy or concept (such as new varieties, seeding rates, fertilizer placement, or a new tool such as a PGR, etc.) on their land, with their equipment, under their management style. The end goal is to simply analyze how that specific protocol impacts their farm and bottom line.

The 2020 growing season was the pilot year for Plot2Farm and consisted of two farmers; Alberta Wheat Commission regional representative Devin Hartzler, who farms near Carstairs, Alberta and; Alberta Barley delegate Gordon Ellis, who farms near Olds, Alberta. Devin Hartzler tested increased seeding rates on feed barley variety CDC Austenson, while Gordon Ellis’ trial compared the performance of two wheat varieties, AC Foremost and AAC Goodwin. Click below to view their Plot2Farm trial results:

Wheat: Comparison of AC Foremost (CNHR) to AAC Goodwin (CWRS)
Barley: Seeding Rate Comparison for Barley CDC Austenson

To learn more about Plot2Farm or to express interest in the 2021 growing season, contact Jeremy Boychyn, Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions’ agronomy research extension specialist at

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