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May 14

Plot2Farm: Moving the research to your farm

Posted on May 14 By: Victoria Decker

What agronomic tactics will actually bring value to your farm?

Every year, small plot research is funded by Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley Commissions in various areas of agronomy with the goal of discovering novel ways to manage agronomy challenges and increase farmer profitability. Unfortunately, as much as small plots provide a strong indication of potential impacts of management decisions on farm, they can sometimes lack in capacity to translate directly to all different types of farm operations. This is not due to lack of quality research but rather a function of the complexity inherent in the crop production system. Each farm operates with different management, environment, and seed genetics. On top of this, farms are operated by people. And people will make decisions differently depending on their perspective on the problem. With all of these factors, new tools and management tactics may impact specific farms differently.

This challenge is the foundation of the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions’ Plot2Farm project.

In the 2020 season, our launch year, AWC and ABC is supporting the implementation of on-farm research protocols with two farmers who are interested and eager to be part of the project.

The two farmers, Gordon Ellis (Olds) and Devin Hartzler (Carstairs) will each implement different protocols. Hartzler will be taking a closer look at seeding rates on his barley and what may be most appropriate for his operation and environment. Ellis is interested in determining the potential of the newer CPS variety AAC Goodwin as compared to Foremost under his management style.

Trials will include multiple replications, plant stand and tiller counts, as well as final yield comparisons. With these trials, both producers are looking to be able to make strong decisions on future management tactics.

Through this season we will provide updates on progress so keep an eye out for updates!

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