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May 23

Personal Protection Equipment now available at UFA Farm and Ranch stores

Posted on May 23 By: Erin Tateson

UFA Farm and Ranch Stores – availability of PPE

  • UFA has secured a limited supply of KN95 masks that are now available in all UFA Farm and Ranch stores.
  • Limit of 10 per customer, selling at UFA’s cost of $3.40 each 
  • Masks sold by UFA are not intended for medical use including the KN95 mask.
  • UFA makes no representation or warranty to the suitability of masks sold by UFA for COVID-19.
  • Prior to use, users should review local respiration protection regulations, health authority recommendations and manufacturer guidelines.
  • 1L hand sanitizer will be available in all UFA’s Farm and Ranch stores. They will be retailing this product at $9.99. We will continue to have this product as a regular stock item.

Alberta Government ordering system

  • Many challenges have been identified with the Alberta government PPE ordering system:
  • While orders should not be cancelled, limitations on supplies have impacted the ability to fulfill orders. This is expected to be an ongoing issue. Particularly as PPE is diverted to the health care sector.
  • Farmers can continue to place orders but are encouraged to explore other options to obtain PPE.
  • Orders that have been submitted may be put on hold pending availability of the product, but will not be cancelled.
  • Retail suppliers will continue to get a supply from the government on a limited basis.

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