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Jan 21

Our research projects page has officially launched!

Posted on Jan 21 By: Garson Law

It’s official—after weeks of incubating in the lab, our creation has come to life. On behalf of the research and communications departments, I am very happy to say that the new and improved research projects page is now up and running on

Click here to take a look.

Created based on feedback from researchers and our farmer members, this page provides a comprehensive and transparent breakdown of all of Alberta Barley’s research projects.

In order to paint the clearest, most accurate picture of our research activities, this page features up-to-date project summaries that are written by the researchers themselves. Each project summary page also details the project’s timeline, project partners, total funding, and a description of its benefit to farmers.

This new page will serve as a link between researchers and farmers—a common place where researchers can present their projects directly to farmers, and show exactly how and where their check-off dollars are invested.

But, wait, the benefits don’t stop there. This page also features exclusive updates on our AgriInnovation Program (AIP) projects.

As the project administrator of the AIP projects, funded under the $11 million National Barley Research Cluster, Alberta Barley is committed to transparent and thorough project reporting. That’s why all of the 27 projects, to be completed by 2018, have been summarized and categorized in four main focus areas: agronomy, feed, food and malt.

At Alberta Barley, we pride ourselves on our accountability to our members. This page is just another way of reflecting that, and rewarding the trust that you have put in us.

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