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Cholesterol lowering properties

Barley beta-glucan is known to reduce blood cholesterol and glycemic index. Recent data has shown that barley protein could also lower cholesterol, as it demonstrates a remarkable capacity to bind cholesterol and bile acid. If approved for in vivo testing (testing on live organisms), this work will provide important information on barley’s healthy properties, which] could promote human consumption of barley products and subsequently increase barley demand and profitability.

This work also aims to develop antimicrobial functionality from barley protein, so that it can be used as a natural antimicrobial ingredient in food and personal care industries. Antimicrobial ingredients are used in food products as preservatives to extend shelf life, and in personal care products like soaps to kill harmful bacteria. If barley protein can be used to create an effective antimicrobial ingredient, the resulting new applications for barley could substantially increase demand for the crop and profitability for farmers.

Sept. 1, 2012 – Aug. 31, 2014

Alberta Barley Funding: $2,268

Project Partners:

  • Alberta Barley
  • Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund
  • Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions
  • University of Alberta

Project Lead:

Dr. Lingyun Chen
Cereal Research Chair
University of Alberta