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Cereal Research Chair

Dr. Lingyun Chen joined the department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science (AFNS) at the University of Alberta in October 2007, in order to build a new program focused on plant protein value-added processing and applications with emphasis on barley and oat proteins. During the last six years, her program has developed new techniques to isolate barley and oat protein from grains and industry by-products, with barley protein extraction processing scaled up at pilot level.

Additionally, the program has identified and developed unique properties from barley and oat proteins by systematic investigation of their structure-function relationships. As a result, new platform technologies that are derived from barley proteins have been built, which include micro/nano-encapsulations, emulsions, films and fibres.

These platforms provide new commercialization opportunities for barley in food, personal care and other areas. By creating these new value-added opportunities for barley, the project has identified areas that could increase barley demand and, consequently, profitability.

Jan. 1, 2006 – Nov. 20, 2012

Alberta Barley Funding: $300,000

Project Partners:

  • Alberta Barley
  • Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund
  • University of Alberta

Project Lead:

Lingyun Chen
Cereal Research Chair
University of Alberta

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