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Spotlight on Alberta Barley-funded Research

Alberta Barley invests in research projects that maximize crop performance. Check out Spotlight on Research, our new publication that highlights Alberta Barley-funded projects aimed at boosting your bottom line.

Download PDF - Dec 2020

Research is Alberta Barley’s number one, farmer-driven investment to maximize barley’s potential. Alberta Barley funds and participates in a number of important agricultural research projects that aim to create new opportunities for Alberta barley producers now and in the future. We are proud to provide support for innovation and technological advancement in the agriculture industry.

Alberta Barley is funded solely by check-off dollars. By investing their money with Alberta Barley, each grower makes a valuable investment in the future of their farm and the future of barley. The majority of these check-off dollars are put to work on research and market development projects focusing on feed, malt, food, agronomy and bio-products, with the goal of improving farmers’ bottom lines and barley’s profitability.

For more information on Alberta Barley research, contact David Simbo.

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