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Ag Funding Consortium

Alberta Barley has been a member of the Agriculture Funding Consortium since its formation in 2000. The Consortium evaluates and funds agricultural research and development in Alberta, and each year it seeks applications for cutting-edge and innovative projects that will support further development in Alberta’s agriculture industry.

One of the benefits of the Consortium is its single application approach, where applicants need only submit a single funding application to reach a wide range of potential funders. Applicants should be aware of the priorities and investment criteria of the six Consortium members and the nine associate members when submitting letters of intent (LOI). The Consortium’s primary call for applications is open each fall for both research and development. Research applications are open to basic and applied research initiatives. They require an LOI, which must be submitted by September 30. Successful applicants are asked to submit a full proposal by November 1. Scientific and expert committees review all proposals. Each funding organization, including Alberta Barley, considers the reviews and determines its interest in supporting individual proposals. The funding members then meet and collectively determine funding levels and how they will collaborate on projects.

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