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Spring 2013 Media Tour

To help publicize the health benefits of barley beta-glucan and generate consumer interest, Alberta Barley launched a consumer website in spring 2013. Visitors to the site can discover delicious recipes and blog posts from registered dieticians and other industry experts—all promoting Canada’s homegrown super food.

In early 2013, Alberta Barley’s Market Development Manager Linda Whitworth took the hulless food barley show on the road in a cross-Canada media tour. Whitworth traveled to cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax and Regina and appeared on local morning television. She took part in cooking demonstrations and discussions on how to incorporate barley beat-glucan into one’s diet.

For a step-by-step look at Whitworth’s media tour and information on healthy barley-based recipes, visit

Linda will continue promoting food barley throughout 2013, with a cookbook launch and media tour scheduled for spring 2014.

Alberta Barley Funding: (Awaiting Market Development Manager Linda Whitworth’s answer on funding 06/24/2013)

Project Partners:

  • Alberta Barley
  • Television and radio stations across Canada