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Market Development

Alberta Barley actively works with its membership, government and industry to maintain existing markets and identify and develop new market opportunities. Examples of Alberta Barley’s projects are its work with hulless barley and the barley health claim.

Alberta Barley’s mandate is to facilitate market and product development. This is mainly accomplished through the use of check-off dollars. The advancements that are generated from this provide producers with tangible value for their crops and access to new markets.

A lush, green field of barley.
Credit: AB Archives
Market Development works for producers

With hulless barley now recognized as a health food, Market Development began a campaign to promote the consumer uses of food barley. This increased consumer exposure and awareness, which offer the potential of new markets for producers. Producers keen to enter these new markets have already begun growing hulless barley. Alberta Barley’s next step is to identify and attract companies and products that can bring this barley to consumers.

The future is bright as barley expands worldwide.
Credit: AB Archives
Barley goes international

In an effort to expand the market reach and promotion of barley, Alberta Barley has worked diligently to develop barley’s potential through growing international trade partnerships. Alberta Barley has participated in provincial trade missions in Asia, which were the first steps in growing new markets and new relationships in that region. Trade agreements with the European Union would create more jobs and greater prosperity for Alberta’s barley producers.

Alberta Barley, along with its partners in industry and government, is committed to market development to advance the interests of Alberta’s over 11,000 barley producers.