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Alberta Barley Check-Off

Under the Alberta Barley Plan Regulation, buyers purchasing Alberta-grown barley from producers must deduct check-off dollars from their payments to producers, and remit the funds to Alberta Barley. Check-off dollars for barley are collected and remitted at a rate of $1.20 per metric tonne.

This mandatory refundable check-off applies to every type of barley (feed, malt, food and other uses) sold in the province of Alberta.

Monthly check-off remittance

Barley dealers are required to remit check-off dollars they have collected to Alberta Barley on a monthly basis. Funds are remitted to Alberta Barley along with the following forms:

ABC Check-Off Remittance Form

A mechanical irrigation sprayer in an Alberta field.
Credit: Marie Cusack

Research and investment into barley can mean higher yields for producers, or higher average daily gains per bushel fed for a feeder. Improved disease resistance can result in the higher bushel weights and plumber kernels desired by the feeding industry. To learn more, click here.

Accounting standards

Alberta Barley is committed to financial transparency and high accounting standards. Alberta Barley uses International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and is audited each year.

Alberta Barley complies with Canadian accounting law, and is transparent with its check-off dollars. Documents are made publically available through an annual report. To read through Alberta Barley’s last 10 annual reports, see the Annual Reports page.