Alberta Barley

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Lacombe-bred varieties

The Lacombe Field Crop Development Centre (FCDC) has registered new barley varieties for an assortment of end uses. The FCDC-developed varieties that are currently available are listed below.

Variety Year Registered Characteristics Supplier
Falcon 1992 Six-row hulless semi-dwarf feed barley Melvin G., Brian and Irma Stickland
Seebe 1992 Two-row feed barley SeCan
Trochu 2000 Six-row feed barley SeCan
Vivar 2000 Six-row semi-dwarf feed barley SeCan
Tyto 2002 Six-row hulless feed barley Progressive Seeds Ltd.
Niobe 2002 Two-row feed barley SeCan
Manny 2003 Six-row feed barley SeCan
Ponoka 2003 Two-row feed barley SeCan
Sundre 2006 Six-row feed barley Mastin Seeds
Chigwell 2008 Six-row feed barley SeCan
Bentley 2008 Two-row malt barley Canterra Seeds
Busby 2008 Two-row feed barley Mastin Seeds
Gadsby 2010 Two-row general purpose barley SeCan
Muskwa 2011 Six-row general purpose barley Markert Seeds Ltd.
Breton 2012 Six-row general purpose barley Canterra Seeds

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