Alberta Barley

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Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association (SARDA)

The Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association (SARDA) is a not-for-profit organization conducting agricultural research in the MDs of Smoky River, Big Lakes and Greenview, as well as Northern Sunrise County. This year’s SARDA barley trials were conducted on two sites: Greenview and Smoky River.

In the two-row trials at Smoky River, the top three varieties, TR07728, Gadsby and XENA, all performed significantly higher then the check, AC Metcalfe.

SARDA used barley in two crop rotation trials that examined how well wheat and canola would grow after barley, finding that barley is good stubble for canola crops.

SARDA’s top yielding barley

Yields are shown in bu/ac.

Two-row (Greenview)

  • TR09208: 127.0
  • XENA: 127.0
  • Bentley: 127.0

Two-row (Smoky River)

  • TR07728: 106.0
  • Gabsby: 105.0
  • XENA: 101.0

Six-row (Greenview)

  • BT589: 111.0
  • Muskwa: 110.0
  • AC Metcalfe:  102.9

Six-row (Smoky River)

  • Muskwa: 89.3
  • BT 589: 86.3
  • AC Metcalfe: 84.9

To learn more about SARDA, look for the SARDA member link on the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta website, call (780) 837-2900, email or visit the SARDA head office in Falher, located at 701 Main Street.