Alberta Barley

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North Peace Applied Research Association (NPARA)

All of the research for the North Peace Applied Research Association (NPARA) is conducted on its farm, a quarter-section of land located at North Star, eight kilometres south of Manning. In 2012, producers in the region chose 15 varieties of barley for testing.

Of the 11 two-row and four six-row varieties tested, yields in some cases were as low as 50 per cent of the 2011 results for the same varieties. There was no incidence of fungal disease in the plots, and there was virtually no lodging. An early harvest was completed on Aug. 20, 2012, with fairly low yields of relatively dry grain.

Apart from the dry conditions, the trials started off looking good, with decent moisture, good emergence and a good stand.

NPARA’s top yielding barley

Yields are shown in bu/ac.


  • Coalition: 42.2
  • Metcalf: 42.0
  • Merit 57: 42.0


  • CDC Mayfair: 35.6
  • CDC Yorkton 29.6
  • Chigwell: 26.6

Learn more about NPARA by visiting their member link on the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta website: or phone (780) 836-3354.