Alberta Barley

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Lakeland Agricultural Research Association (LARA)

The Lakeland Agricultural Research Association (LARA) conducts yearly trials to determine the agronomic characteristics of new and proven barley varieties for a 24,300 square-kilometre area of northeastern Alberta that encompasses the MD of Bonnyville, and the counties of Lac La Biche and St. Paul.

In 2012, LARA conducted both two- and six-row barley Regional Variety Trials at sites in the counties of St. Paul and Fort Kent, where LARA’s headquarters are located.

As was the case in last year’s trials, CDC Austenson stood out as a high-yielding variety. In Fort Kent’s two-row trials, there was a 10-way tie out of 14 for the best results.

LARA’s top yielding barley

Yields are shown in bu/ac.

Two-row (St. Paul)

  • CDC Austenson: 91.2
  • TR09208: 81.5
  • Major: 80.0

Two-row (Fort Kent)

  • CDC Austenson: 89.4
  • CDC Coalition: 89.5
  • Gadsby: 88.3

Six-row (St. Paul)

  • CDC Anderson: 91.3
  • BT589: 88.6
  • Muskwa: 82.5

Six-row (Fort Kent)

  • Muskwa: 91.5
  • BT589: 89.8
  • Vivar: 87.3

For more information about the varieties in the LARA regional trials, contact the LARA office at (780) 826-7260 or email Janet Montgomery at