Alberta Barley

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Chinook Applied Research Association (CARA)

The Chinook Applied Research Association (CARA) added another year of reliable results to its bank of barley data, thanks to an excellent 2012 growing season and a very consistent plot site.

Gadsby, a two-row feed variety, topped the yield charts at 111 bushels per acre on the plots that were grown west of Hanna. CARA managed the plots in co-operation with Blake Robinson, a producer CARA has partnered with for 20 years.

The plots were seeded on May 4 and combined on Aug. 29, with overall yield slightly above average. The average yield for the two-row varieties was 92 bu/ac, with AAC Synergy, a new malt variety, second to Gadsby at 103 bu/ac. Xena, a two-row feed variety that has been in the Regional Variety Trials for more than a decade, also performed well at 102 bushels per acre.

Six-row varieties outperformed two-row varieties with an average yield of 94 bu/ac. Muskwa, a feed variety, yielded 103 bu/ac with Vivar, a semi-dwarf feed, close behind at 100 bu/ac.

CARA’s top yielding barley

Yields are shown in bu/ac.


  • Gadsby: 111.0
  • AAC Synergy: 103.0
  • XENA: 102.0


  • Muskwa: 103.0
  • Vivar: 100.0
  • Breton: 91.0

If you have any questions about the varieties in the CARA regional trials, contact the CARA office at 403-664-3777.