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Apr 25

Minister Dreeshen on AFSC Changes, Beef Set-aside and AgriRecovery

Posted on Apr 25 By: Victoria Decker
  • On his weekly call with Alberta farm groups on Friday April 24, Agriculture and Forestry Minister Devin Dreeshen discussed further changes at the Alberta Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC). Minister Dreeshen announced that an interim CEO, Jerry Bouma, is in place and a search is underway for a new CEO. A week earlier, the minister announced a major overhaul of the AFSC board of directors including the appointment of a new board Chair, Mabel Hamilton. The minister said the changes are aimed at improving the service levels and responsiveness of AFSC which administers all business risk programs including crop insurance, AgriInvest and AgriStability.
  • When asked about the status of a set aside program being requested by beef producers and the feeding industry minister Dreeshen said the province is developing a plan and is awaiting responses from the federal government. He gave a similar response when asked by a pork industry representative on the potential triggering of AgriRecovery disaster assistance.

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