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Apr 24

Meet the new AWC research chair Janine Paly

Posted on Apr 24 By: Brian Kennedy, Grower Relations and Extension Manager

Janine Paly operates a mixed farm with her husband and two small young daughters in the Thorhild area. She was elected to the board of directors for the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) in 2018.

Janine joined the Paly family farm in 2007, after marrying her husband Ian. She grew up on her family farm near Abee, holds a Plant and Soil Diploma from Lethbridge College and Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Lethbridge. She’s held numerous sales positions over the years, however found her passion for extension and advocacy when she became an agronomist with Ducks Unlimited Canada, focusing on winter wheat production. Janine left Ducks Unlimited Canada in 2018 when she decided to concentrate on the farm business with her family. Janine’s family works hard to optimize and improve the soil health and watershed by having a rotation of cereals, forages and oilseeds. Her favorite time of the year is calving season as spring is the season of hope and rebirth.

Besides having a passion for her own farm, she also has a passion for her community. Her first experience with being on an agriculture board was when she joined the board of directors for Gateway Research Organization in 2015. Janine believes her involvement makes her a better farmer as she becomes more aware of issues facing the farming community. These issues could range from farm policy, how the latest research benefits their operation, or the ups-and-downs of global markets and trade access. She would encourage any young producer to become involved in local community boards or provincial commissions as the opportunity has been extremely rewarding.

Since beginning her term at the AWC’s annual general meeting in January, Janine has taken on the role as the chair of the research and extension committee. Her interest in research and extension stems from her education and previous employment. Janine has a broad understanding of research and wheat breeding programs in western Canada. She looks forward to helping guide the research committee in investing in agronomic and varietal research that directly impact the bottom line for Alberta wheat growers and further, improves the long-term sustainability of our land, our communities and farms. Janine believes Alberta wheat growers need to be able to compete on quality and productivity in the world market and research is vital in that equation.

Janine loves and admires farm families who work tirelessly to enhance their land and promote sustainability for future generations – she includes herself amongst that group.  She hopes one day her daughters follow in her foot-steps and become leaders not only in their family, but in their communities and their country.

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