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Jun 30

Lethbridge College Agriculture Business Risk Management Program to be offered this fall

Posted on Jun 30 By: Lyndsay Smith

The following is a guest blog from Lyndsay Smith, the industry liaison for agriculture with Lethbridge College.

Agriculture Business Risk Management is right for you if you are an agricultural operator who desires a better understanding of the fluidity of your commodity pricing or the areas of financial risk and opportunity in your operation; an aspiring agricultural entrepreneur; a farm successor who wants to be ready for the challenge. Or perhaps a lender, salesperson or government employee who requires an in-depth understanding of the financial risk inherent in agribusiness.

Developed in collaboration with industry experts, Agriculture Business Risk Management (AgBRM) is the practice of identifying, analyzing and managing the various potential risks and opportunities to achieve the goals of a business. This program is designed specifically for application in agricultural business with a strong focus on commodity and risk management essential to entrepreneurs. The scope of the program is limited to financial risk and areas associated with financial risk.

You will develop your knowledge and skills in the area of agricultural markets, supply and demand and the national and international policies and events that influence those markets. Your personal communication and management skills will be developed for the purpose of functioning effectively as a team member or business leader. The advanced courses will provide you with the opportunity to apply these skills in an integrated and authentic manner by composing a business plan and/or evaluating the market equity in a given agricultural operation at a specific point in time.

At the end of the program you will have strong technical skills in currency, market trading and other risk management tools available to agriculture. You will also have an in-depth understanding of how current government trade policies and national and international events effect your commodity. Your well developed communication and management skills will allow you to effectively apply your technical skills with proficiency in the Agribusiness community. A capstone course will allow you to put all you have learned into practice to demonstrate that you are well-prepared and ready for the challenges of Risk Management in Agriculture.

This program will benefit those already in the Agriculture Industry and who wish to learn more about the business side of operations. It is also useful to those seeking to enter into careers in Agribusiness, either as an employee, an advisor, or to open their own business.

The program is open to anyone with an interest in Agribusiness. Although not essential, a grade 12 level of English and math will be of benefit for most courses. For the Statistics course, grade 12 math is essential for success.

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