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Feb 13

Introduction to February 2020

Posted on Feb 13 By: Jeremy Boychyn | Agronomy Research Extension Specialist | Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions

As we barrel towards a new growing season, the impending cascade of agronomic decisions grows.

Agronomy is all about making decisions using the best possible information including experience in the field and agronomic resources. When challenges arise, having the proper tools and expert support in place is particularly important. This can provide piece of mind that decisions are based on strong supporting evidence. That’s the “help you sleep at night” value.

This edition of The Growing Point is focused on highlighting some of these tools available to producers as well as agronomists in Alberta and beyond. Some tools we list may be specific to Alberta. If you live outside of Alberta, I encourage you to pursue similar resources that are local to you.

These are tools that I use often. They may take some time to become familiar with, so don’t wait until you are in-season and pressed for time. Familiarizing yourself with them now will make sure these tools are familiar when you need them, rather than a cumbersome hassle that needs to be learnt when you don’t have the time.

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