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Aug 26

Introduction – August 28

Posted on Aug 26 By: Jeremy Boychyn | MSc P.Ag | Agronomy Research Extension Specialist

High temperatures over the past number of weeks along with a lack of precipitation accelerated crop maturity in many parts of the province. Every day, noticeable visual changes can be seen in all crops. Harvest is well under way in the southern part of the province with some farms already completing pulse and early seeded barley or wheat acres. As harvest progresses from south to north we remain hopeful the weather stays in our favour. Nothing beats a smooth uninterrupted harvest!

Proper use of pre-harvest glyphosate is vital for the longevity of our international market access. There is plenty of information floating around regarding tips and tricks for proper application. When in doubt, always compare recommendations to the product label and Doing so will help you avoid future problems surrounding maximum residue limits. In this edition we cover topics around pre-harvest glyphosate timing, the value of your straw, a resistance management webinar featuring Dr. Charles Geddes, and a few winter wheat management topics.

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