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Sep 10

Intro to September 2019

Posted on Sep 10 By: Jeremy Boychyn, Msc P. Ag 

Harvest time at Pittman Farms. Milk River, AB. Photo Courtesy of Pittman Farms.

Harvest is underway in the southern part of Alberta. South eastern parts of the province are pulling off less than desirable yields from yet another year of dry conditions. While that occurs, the major concern coming from the west-central, north, and peace region of the province is delayed and variable crops being impacted by frost. We are all open for an open fall.

As we head into harvest, I encourage producers to take extra caution if they plan on applying pre-harvest glyphosate. Ensuring your fields have reached 30% moisture or less in the least advanced part of the fields will help to mitigate high residue risks. International focus on glyphosate has risen and the microscope is on its use. Proper application timing will help to ensure we maintain the markets we rely on. Remember to Keep It Clean.

Note that this will be the final newsletter of the season until March of 2020. Thank you for reading and have a safe harvest.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Growing Point!

– Jeremy Boychyn, Agronomy Research Extension Specialist
Msc P. Ag 

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