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Nov 7

Intake for AgriProfit$ 2017 now open

Posted on Nov 7 By: Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

AgriProfit$ – your customized business analysis

Participation on the AgriProfit$ program will give you a customized business analysis of your farm, and your key enterprises, that you can use to help identify and manage costs towards increased profitability. Your farm information is confidential. Registration for the program opens November 1 and closes on January 15th of each year.

Understand your Business

An AgriProfit$ analysis helps measure your costs and includes valuable management information. The analysis will help you focus on things that matter and where you will get the biggest “bang for your buck”.

Understanding your business is the foundation to growth and success. When you agree to participate on the AgriProfit$ program, we will send you a number of data collection forms to pull together the details of your farm. A farm visit will be arranged to help you complete the forms. Once all your data is collected and reviewed, you will receive your customized farm business analysis report.

An AgriProfit$ analysis:
• details your production costs and returns for your beef, forage, grazing, and crop productions on a per unit basis. (i.e: per cow, per lb. weaned, per bushel, per tonne.) • provides the information needed to help assess practical, on farm management options.
• supports annual budgeting and strategic planning, which are more effective when you use your own costs.

Knowledge of your production costs is an important element in managing and controlling your business. There is no cost for the AgriProfit$ business analysis – your investment is time and the benefits are considerable.

Data from all participants is used to establish provincial benchmarks. This information is used as reference for producers and industry.

For more information, or to register for the program, click here or contact the Economics Section of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry via Pauline Van Biert at 780-415-2153 or the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276).

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