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May 30

GrainsWest story inspired pandemic project

Posted on May 30 By: Erin Tateson

An agricultural water specialist who lives in Taber, Jeff Bronsch loves farming history, especially as it pertains to Alberta’s waterways and irrigation system. In past years, he has filmed irrigation sites in the south of the province, even producing a video for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry on the subject.

He was inspired to again pursue his interest in the province’s ag history after reading the GrainsWest story “Noble effort,” in our winter, 2020 issue.

When the pandemic put some of his work on hold, he took the time to earn his drone certification. With a camera, drone and a copy of GrainsWest in hand, he drove to what he believed was the approximate site of the gondola. He had heard about Noble’s project, but had never seen the photo that appeared in the magazine. Familiar with the area, he believed he knew the exact spot. “I pretty much drove straight to it,” he said. Matching the river valley geography with the historic image, he photographed the site and used the drone to take video footage.

Bronsch has even gone so far as to register a web domain name for the purpose of launching a history website where he plans to document the stories of Alberta’s historic ag sites. “I want to capture some of the ag history in southern Alberta and tell some of those stories,” said Bronsch. “There’s a lot of history that’s hiding in the grass that we’ve kind of forgotten about.”

You can read more about Charles Noble’s agricultural innovations in our annual technology issue this September.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Bronsch:

Photo courtesy of the Provincial Archives of Alberta:

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