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Aug 4

General Manager’s Message

Posted on Aug 4 By: Lisa Skierka

Alberta Barley staff are the cornerstone of our programming in the areas of communications and extension, finance and check-off management, market development, policy, and research and agronomy. Our staffing model recognizes the importance of creating a culture of investment in the work we do—developing a team dynamic with people who are invested in growing Alberta’s barley industry.

Alberta Barley staffing model is a direct result of our focus on developing programs in conjunction with a committee-based system of governance. As committees work on projects and priorities with staff, we are able to develop these ideas and concepts into programming that puts farmer check-off dollars to work.
In addition, as we work more closely (and collaboratively) with other groups, we’re able to share staff resources in areas that make sense.

Here’s a breakdown of out joint initiatives:

Alberta Wheat Commission
We share accounting, administrative and marketing staff with the Alberta Wheat Commission, who we moved in with on Oct. 1. By collaborating in these specific areas, we are able to provide efficiencies and smart business management.

Barley Council of Canada
Since 2011, we have provided administration, communications support, program management and public relations for the Barley Council of Canada. This has been a key part of our national profile building, including the allocation of significant federal funds to the AgriInnovation Program and AgriMarketing Program grants for barley.
Feed Coalition
In December 2011, Alberta Barley took on the roll of administering the Feed Grains Coalition, a group focused on bridging the gap between feed growers and feed users. Strong interest from the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association, the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Pork led to us hiring a project manager in 2013. Research is a top priority of the group, now called the Feed Coalition.

GrainsWest Magazine
In order to create a complementary, informative and useful joint communications initiative as part of our ongoing collaboration, Alberta Barley and the Alberta Wheat Commission agreed to join forces on a new magazine, called GrainsWest, that will launch in January 2014 at FarmTech. The magazine is directed via a joint committee comprised of staff and elected representatives from both organizations, as well as two dedicated employees.

Growing Forward 2
Alberta Barley took the lead on developing industry-wide programming to grow Canada’s barley industry through the Growing Forward 2 AgriInnovation and AgriMarketing Programs. The grants are run through Alberta Barley, with significant investment from our partners across Canada.

Western Canadian Deduction
We also oversee a federal program, called the Western Canadian Deduction, that we support through accounting, administration, communications, public relations and program management. This temporary program funds research and technical assistance programs through the Western Grains Research Foundation, the Canadian International Grains Institute and the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre.

The breadth of programming we are striving for at Alberta Barley is demonstrated via our commitment to collaboration and innovation. I’m thrilled to be working with such a dynamic, invested, interesting and passionate team of professionals, and look forward to seeing how we all grow and evolve.

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