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Press Release

Oct 16

Finalizing CETA will open doors for Alberta barley farmers

Posted on Oct 16 By: admin

(Calgary, Alberta) October 16, 2013 – Alberta Barley is urging our federal and provincial governments to finalize the Canada–European Union Comprehensive and  Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) in order to secure our agricultural future and strengthen global trade.

“Farmers around Alberta have plenty of reason to urge for CETA to be concluded,” said Alberta Barley Chairman Matt Sawyer. “Our province already exports high-quality barley, as well as world-class beef and pork. An agreement will drive demand for all of our agriproducts.”

A joint study by the Canadian government and the European Union has estimated that Canada’s processed food exports could grow by as much as $2 billion annually as Canada integrates itself into the European market. Removal of tariffs has potential to drive sales higher in the EU—which has 500 million consumers.

“It’s essential that our government continues to build on momentum around increased international trade in order to grow our industry,” said Sawyer. “In Canada, we are fortunate to produce more than we need to feed our country. Through CETA, we can help to strengthen the future of our agricultural industry and ensure profitability for our farmers.”

Currently, Canada is the world’s fifth largest agri-food exporter in the world, generating more than $40 billion each year through its beef, malting barley, pork, wheat and canola supply.

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