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May 9

Federal Government announces $252M aid package for agriculture – fails to address long term issues for grain farmers

Posted on May 9 By: Victoria Decker

Overview of the funding package announced on May 5, 2020

  • $252 million dollars announced in total funding.
  • The federal government has suggested that this funding envelope is an ‘initial amount’, and that more support may be on the horizon.
  • $77 million of the funding has been earmarked for agri-food processors to allow them to invest in further safety measures to protect employees including Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and in order to implement other protocols related to worker safety.
  • $125 million will go to pork and beef producers who have been facing critical challenges. The assistance will be delivered through a forthcoming AgriRecovery program.
  • Dairy farmers will receive a $200 million increase in credit line eligibility administered by the Dairy Commission in order to address ongoing storage concerns; this money is not included as part of the total funding announcement.
  • Further, the government has launched a surplus purchase food program that will be funded with a $50 million-dollar investment that will allow for the purchase of commodities faced in a surplus situation and redirect the goods to address food security concerns domestically.
  • Nothing was announced related to the cropping sector.
  • Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions released this statement related to the announcement.


Farmers say government should act now to fix aid programs

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