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Apr 26

Farmers are lacking PPE as they head into seeding the 2020 crop

Posted on Apr 26 By: Victoria Decker

Effective immediately the agriculture and food sector, as a recognized essential service, can submit PPE orders directly to the Logistics Section of Municipal Affairs’ Alberta Emergency Management Agency’s Provincial Operations Centre (AEMA-POC) for procurement on their behalf. 

Agriculture and Food Sector Industry 3-Step Order Process:

  1. Prior to placing an order, review the Government of Alberta PPE Guideline document to ensure that requests are eligible and/or appropriate. 

    NOTE: If unsure consider engaging an OHS or Industrial Hygienist for an assessment.

  2.  Submit orders online at
  3. In the comments, it is recommended to include information such as the number of staff that will use the order and any OHS/Industrial Hygienist assessments to support the order.

    NOTE: The attached spreadsheet simulating most of the data required in the online submission has been provided for your internal use only; this spreadsheet is not an official order form and is provided to support planning of your PPE needs.  

  4. The AEMA-POC Logistics Section currently contacts organizations for delivery and billing information closer to the shipment date; the POC Logistics Section indicated that orders are approximately 2-4 weeks on back-order.

          NOTE: An enhanced on-line ordering system is under development. Once completed it will allow organizations to track their order status.

Currently, PPE procurement and allocations are managed based on prioritized essential services, as identified by the Emergency Management Cabinet Committee (EMCC) here:

  • Health
  • Non AHS Allied Health (e.g. pharmacists, senior facilities, vulnerable population workers <homeless, childcare etc…>)
  • Public Security (e.g. peace officers, fire, medical examiner, corrections and courts, mortuary services)
  • Public Utilities (e.g. water, wastewater, sanitation, electrical supply)
  • Food (e.g. food security and preparation to ensure continuity of the food supply chain) 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Ag-Info Centre by phone at 310-FARM or by email Thank you all for the hard work you are doing to keep your staff safe while ensuring Alberta’s food supply chain continues to operate effectively.

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