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May 1

Dreeshen hints at sector specific programs coming for COVID-19

Posted on May 1 By: Victoria Decker
  • In his weekly update with Alberta farm groups on Friday, May 1, Agriculture Minister Devin Dreeshen hinted that assistance for sectors of Alberta Agriculture hardest hit by COVID-19 is in the works.
  • Fresh off a call with federal, provincial and territorial agriculture ministers, Dreeshen said he and his officials would be working over the weekend on various proposals aimed at helping the sector through the crisis. He indicated that some announcements could be made the week of May 4 as part of the Alberta government’s agriculture re-launch strategy.
  • When asked for more specifics, the minister indicated the potential for a beef set aside program while indicating the federal government is pushing to use AgriRecovery.
  • He suggested that assistance would be commodity specific.
  • Representatives of Team Alberta made the case for enhancements to AgriStability including restoring the reference margin to 85 per cent of historical reference margins.

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