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May 15

Crop Research enters second stage of re-establishment

Posted on May 15 By: Victoria Decker

Last week research stakeholders heard from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada that they had commenced the second stage of re-establishment of crop research. AAFC management indicated that trials would be running at approximately 30% of normal capacity.

This week, we began to learn what that looks like at individual stations and sites. With certain programs targeted to begin, and due to the regionality of programs, some stations will see a greater number of plots established than others. New projects, with start dates of Spring 2020, will be delayed until the next crop year. In addition to having reduced plot numbers, there will also be reduced data collection and analysis to accommodate social distancing requirements for staff. 

As funders of research, our next step at AWC and Alberta Barley is to reach out to scientists to understand how their programs will proceed. Scientists and stakeholders will work together to minimize loss of critical data and information intended for enabling producer decision making and informing best management practices. It is our shared goal to ensure that interruptions in knowledge transfer are not included in the many pandemic impacts farmers have felt or will feel in the future.

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