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Jun 4

Crop Report – June 5, 2019

Posted on Jun 4 By: Leora Cohen | Research Intern

Moisture in the South region is rated fair and good thanks to some much-needed rain that fell over the past week. The Central and North Central regions had less rain, though are still rated mostly fair to good, with the least amount of moisture on the eastern side of Alberta. The Peace region received the least amount of rain, but is still rated fair to excellent due to previously moist conditions.

Overall, wheat is almost finished being seeded, with an overall 95% progress. Barley is slightly behind wheat at around 85% seeded. Total crop seeded progress is around 90%.

The South region is one of the furthest along for seeding both wheat and barley, with 95-100% seeded and 90-100% seeded respectively. 90-95% of wheat and 85-90% of barley is out. The Central region is close behind the South region, only lagging by 5% for both wheat and barley seed progress and emergence. The North Central region seeding progress for wheat is similar to that of the Central region, around 95%, though lagging by about 10% for barley, around 85%. About 80% of wheat is out and 75% of barley is out. In the Peace region, wheat is around 85% seeded, and barley is around 70% seeded. Wheat and barley are about 65% and 55% out, respectively.

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