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Jul 4

Crop Report: July 3, 2019

Posted on Jul 4 By: Leora Cohen

Peace Region

Moisture levels in the peace region currently range from fair to excellent. Fields are excessively wet in the south of the region, with crops yellowing, and dryer in the north. Cereal crops are around the flag leaf stage, and spraying in the region is nearly wrapped up. There has been the occasional grasshopper spotted, but overall there is low insect pest pressure. On the other hand, some leaf disease is becoming an issue, and flag leaf fungicide is starting to go down.

Northern Region

The northern region generally has an excellent moisture rating, with some areas receiving too much moisture, and some yellowing occurring. There is more moisture in the forecast for the upcoming weeks as well. Crops in the northern region are at flag leaf to booting stage. 80-90% of the cereal fields have been sprayed. The abundance of moisture is making second passes difficult. There have been leaf diseases spotted in this region, as well as hail in some areas. Flooding and hail are big concerns in this area, as well as a lack of heat and the disease pressure that goes along with those conditions.

Central Region

Moisture in the central region is rated good to excellent, with some excess. Moisture decreases as you head east. The majority of the crops are from flag leaf to booting stage, with about 25% of wheat crops at heading. Spraying is almost finished, and with the presence of some foliar disease, fungicide is starting to be sprayed. There is very low insect pressure. Crops in the central region are otherwise looking excellent.

Southern Region

The southern region is dryer, with only half of the crops rated good and the other half rated fair to poor. Additional moisture is needed in this region. Wheat crops are at flag leaf to booting stage, and barley crops are at booting to heading stage. Some earlier crops are more advanced than that. Spraying is 90% finished, and fungicide spraying has begun. There have been some grasshoppers spotted, and leaf diseases like tan spot and scald are making an appearance

This data was collected over the past 3-5 days. If your region or area differs from information presented in this crop report, please give us a shout at and let us know what you are seeing!

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