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Apr 10

COVID-19: Latest Developments | April 13

Posted on Apr 10 By: Victoria Decker
  • AFSC releases important information regarding unharvested acres and processes to ensure the expedition of unharvested claims in order to meet the narrowing window for seeding the 2020 crop, despite increased health and safety standards.
  • Premier Jason Kenney releases modelling for Alberta which of the ‘most-probable’ scenarios indicates a relaxing of physical distancing measures in 6-8 weeks’ time; with ongoing measures to prevent major resurgences of the virus.
  • Planning for Recovery: Tom Steve, General Manager of the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions, has been appointed to the Agriculture and Forestry Economic Recovery Sector Table that is developing strategies to help Alberta hit the ground running when the recovery begins.
  • Wheat prices are holding strong but troubling signs in barley markets.

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