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May 1

CleanFarms plastic collection and recycling programs continuing; with some closures – call before you visit

Posted on May 1 By: Victoria Decker

CleanFarms offers the following advice related to COVID-19

Retail collection sites

When submitting a pickup request, include in the “Instructions to driver?” section: 

  1. Contact name and cell phone number and request that the driver call before arriving on site
  2. Any site-specific safety measures in place
  3. The location of the materials for collection

For non-deposit bulk containers: 

  • If possible, load non-deposit bulk containers into truck on pallet with skidsteer to prevent the handling of individual containers
  • A signature will not be required on the Bill of Lading at this time
  • Where possible, allow larger pickup quantities to reduce the number of driver trips to individual sites (i.e., one pickup request for 20 bags of jugs vs. two separate requests for 10 bags of jugs)

Distribution of rolls of collection bags 

  • When requesting rolls of bags in the dealer request system, designate a roll drop-off area at the site to minimize interactions (BC, SK, ON, QC, ATL)
  • Wear hand protection when ripping off individual bags and placing with outbound product
  • Use one full roll of collection bags before opening another 

Grain Bag/Twine/Municipal collection sites

  1. Continue to visually inspect program materials while maintaining a 2 metre distance
  2. Encourage program participants to properly prepare material in collection bags or in secured rolls to reduce time and handling on site during drop-off
  3. Collection bags for twine and jugs are available free of charge at ag retail/municipal/collection site locations. Growers should contact these locations by telephone for more information

Contractors/Transportation Partners

Practice physical distancing by:

  1. Avoiding requiring any signatures on paperwork (except where required by law)
  2. If signatures are required, use a personal pen and sanitize hands immediately
  3. Encourage employees to keep a strict 2 metre distance from others at all times
  4. Only assist growers to unload personal vehicles when necessary


Locate the nearest ag-plastic recycling point and for contact information for each collection point and for information about the Alberta ag-plastic Recycle it! Program 

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