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Sep 22

Chairman’s Message

Posted on Sep 22 By: Matt Sawyer

As I look back over my past four years as chairman of the Alberta Barley board of directors, I’m proud of how our organization has grown to meet the needs of a changing industry. This evolution was made possible by the leadership and support of my fellow directors, as well as our grassroots system of democracy. Thank you to all of our members who contribute to our vision for barley, be it through investing check-off dollars, participating in meetings, reading Barley Country or simply growing barley because you know it’s a crop that works.

If you’ve read Anne-Marie’s editor’s message, you know that this is the final print issue of Barley Country. By combining our communications dollars with the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC), we are able to reach out to wheat and bar- ley farmers across the province, providing better value. But change can be hard, which is why we’re announcing the new GrainsWest magazine with plenty of enthusiasm, while saying a fond farewell to Barley Country. We hope to see you at FarmTech 2014 for the launch of the new magazine.

Collaborating with the AWC extends past communications to the everyday work done by Alberta Barley directors, delegates and staff. On Oct. 1, we moved into the new joint office space just off 64th Avenue NE—a shared location that allows us to optimize resources, giving us all better bang for our buck. Our new building also houses Alberta Beef Producers, Canada Beef, AVAC and AFSC, amongst others. Watch our website for information about our grand opening.

Coming up this November, we are once again hosting province-wide regional meetings. The list of barley- focused meetings is available on our website at, and we’re publishing a joint list of canola, pulse, barley and wheat meetings in targeted ag publications starting in October. Regional meetings are the perfect chance to find out more about what we’re doing, meet your local directors and delegates, and potentially get more involved yourself. For more information on running for election, check-in with your regional director or contact General Manager Lisa Skierka at the office.

In addition to regional meetings, Alberta Barley has a booth at Agri-Trade in Red Deer from Nov. 6–9 with Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission. We are hosting a marketing-focused All Crops Breakfast on Nov. 7 with these groups and the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. Watch the website or call the office for more information or to register.

Our final big event of the year is the AGM in Banff from Dec. 4–6. This year, we’re working on a more interactive and educational program that will help barley growers grow our industry. Stay tuned for more information.

Alberta Barley isn’t all about events, but the events are our way to stay in touch with what our members want. If you’re at one of our upcoming meetings, be assured that your voice will be heard.

As I’m finishing this message, I’m also winding up harvest. Congrats to every- one who is done already and best of luck to those who are still slogging away.

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