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Press Release

Nov 1

CETA deal has long-term potential for Alberta Barley farmers

Posted on Nov 1 By: Alberta Barley

Oct. 31, 2016 (Calgary, AB): Alberta Barley is pleased the hard work of the federal government has paid off with the official signing of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday in Brussels, Belgium.

The deal will give Canada unprecedented access to 500 million EU customers along with reduced, or altogether eliminated, tariffs for Canadian farmers. It is expected that an additional $100 million from grains and oilseeds exports will be pumped into the Canadian economy once CETA is fully implemented.

“CETA will allow barley farmers to have meaningful amounts of their product go into new markets, and it’s exciting because Alberta produces half the country’s barley on average,” said Alberta Barley chairman Mike Ammeter.

“With the grains and meat sectors both standing to benefit long-term, I think it’s definitely a win-win for Canadian farmers and ranchers.”

Subject to ratification, an estimated 65,000 tonnes of beef may be able to flow into the EU, which represents more than $600 million in economic stimulus. About 80 per cent of Canada’s harvested barley enters the livestock feed market on an annual basis. Over the last five years, Alberta alone harvested three million tonnes on average.

“There’s reason to believe that barley acres could rise within three years to satisfy the beef export demand,” said Ammeter.

Ammeter also thanked International Minister of Trade Chrystia Freeland her staff for the hard work to bring the CETA deal one major step closer to fruition.

Next, Canada will introduce legislation for CETA in the House of Commons as soon as possible. The EU, meanwhile, will vote on CETA’s ratification in the EU parliament followed by individual ratifications in all 28 EU member nations’ parliaments.

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