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Aug 5

Grain declaration changes make delivering what you declare more important

Posted on Aug 5 By: Victoria Decker

Delivering what you declare is now more important than ever for farmers. Recent changes to grain declarations now include a legally binding agreement as required by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC). Farmers are encouraged to carefully read the new declarations for the 2020-2021 crop year.  In many cases, the legally binding declaration required by the CGC

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May 5

Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions say the federal government’s announcement fails to address long-term issues faced by grain farmers

Posted on May 5 By: Victoria Decker

The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions are disappointed in the federal government’s failure to address the long-standing issues farmers were already facing before COVID-19 including global trade uncertainty and ineffective Business Risk Management (BRM) programs. These issues are compounded by the fact that many farmers are still recovering from the harvest from hell when they

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Feb 12

Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions say protest blockades will cause serious unintended consequences for farmers

Posted on Feb 12 By: Victoria Decker

With protests blockading CN rail lines in multiple locations across Canada, the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions are urging quick resolution and say that the resulting rail delays will cause unintended negative impacts on farmers and the entire agriculture industry. Even a disruption of only a few days will cause a massive backlog with economic

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Feb 10

Barley farmers can claim 13 per cent SR&ED credit on their 2019 taxes

Posted on Feb 10 By: Victoria Decker

Barley farmers who pay the Alberta Barley check-off are eligible for a 13 per cent tax credit through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development Fund (SR&ED) program for their investment in barley research and development (R&D) projects. For example, farmers who paid $100 in check-off to Alberta Barley in 2019 would earn $13 in tax

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Jan 13

Barley commissions announce formation of the Canadian Barley Research Coalition

Posted on Jan 13 By: Victoria Decker

The Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SaskBarley), Alberta Barley and Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA) announced today the launch of the Canadian Barley Research Coalition (CBRC), a national not-for-profit organization that will facilitate long-term investments aimed at improving profitability and competitiveness for Western Canadian barley farmers. CBRC will facilitate a collaborative approach to funding regional

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Jan 10

Team Alberta Notice of Farmer Led Research Consultations

Posted on Jan 10 By: Victoria Decker

Team Alberta urges all farmers and ranchers in Alberta to take part in this government process to decide the future of agricultural research in Alberta. We highly recommend that all farmers provide the government with views about how research will help their operations grow in the future. Provide your input on the future of agricultural

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Sep 18

Team Alberta asks party leaders to explain how major agriculture issues will be addressed in party platforms

Posted on Sep 18 By: Victoria Decker

With the federal election slated for October 21, 2019, Team Alberta is seeking answers on how Canada’s party leaders will address the issues most important to farmers before they cast their vote. Representing approximately 20,000 primary crop farmers across Alberta, Team Alberta has distributed a Question and Answer (Q&A) document to the four major parties. Through the

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Sep 10

Effects of frost on cereal crops

Posted on Sep 10 By: Jeremy Boychyn MSc P.Ag.

Crops in the west central and north western parts of the province are lagging behind. Some areas are over 10 days behind based on Growing Degree Day (GDD) accumulation alone. Those areas that have had excess moisture will see increased delays on top of this because of the impact wet feet has on crop development.

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Sep 10

Cereal straw: a hidden value on your farm

Posted on Sep 10 By: Clair Langlois, provincial cereals specialist

Before your combine gets ahead of your thinking on whether to keep your straw (shredded and spread where it will lay and decompose) or allow someone to buy it straight out the back of your combine, you should be aware of the nutrient value it offers. Straw is not just an “end-product” of your crop

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