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Apr 17

Team Alberta looks forward to working with new government on priorities for farmers

Posted on Apr 17 By: Erin Tateson

Team Alberta extends congratulations to Premier-elect Jason Kenney on his party’s victory in the province’s 30th general election. Team Alberta is committed to working with the new government to advance Alberta’s $6 billion crop sector. Team Alberta is a collaboration between four of the province’s crop commissions: Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers and the

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Apr 16

Feed Barley Survey 2018

Posted on Apr 16 By: David Simbo

Barley plays a prominent role as a source of feed for both ruminants and monogastric farm animals in Western Canada. Being an important source of feed, it is therefore useful to know the nutritional profiles of barley grains grown in Alberta. The feed barley survey was initiated to know the nutritional profile of barley produced in

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Jan 14

Cereal commissions call for changes in value creation consultations

Posted on Jan 14 By: Victoria Decker

Cereal commissions call for changes in value creation consultations (Calgary, Alberta) January 14, 2019 – Western Canadian cereal commissions including the barley, oat and wheat commissions from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are calling for major changes in the Government of Canada’s current consultation process on value creation. In a letter to federal agriculture minister Lawrence MacAulay,

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Jan 9

Value Creation Information

Posted on Jan 9 By: Victoria Decker

Value Creation Information and Alberta Barley’s Position Value creation discussions have been on-gong for over a decade, as a result of noticeable decreases in cereal crop acreage at the expense of other crops such as soy and canola. The following timeline highlights the milestones in this conversation since 2008. This topic has recently come back

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Dec 13

Alberta Barley announces new board leadership, new director-at-large and several new delegates

Posted on Dec 13 By: Victoria Decker

Following yesterday’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Prairie Cereals Summit in Banff, Alberta Barley is pleased to announce new leadership on its board of directors. Dave Bishop was elected as Chair and Bryan Sewell was elected as Vice-Chair. Alberta Barley also welcomes Wade McAllister as director-at-large, filling the final opening on the board of

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Nov 1

Alberta Barley announces region 5 and 6 directorship results and open governance positions

Posted on Nov 1 By: Victoria Decker

(Calgary, Alberta) November 1, 2018 – Following yesterday’s nomination deadline, Alberta Barley is announcing the results of the region 5 and 6 director nomination process, along with open positions within Alberta Barley’s governance structure. Alberta Barley’s region 5 director will be Shane Debock while the region 6 director is Brent Konstapel. Both Debock and Konstapel

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Oct 12

Handling and Storage of a Wet Harvest

Posted on Oct 12 By: Clair Langlois

Most producers have some crop left out in the field, and most were hit with snow and at least -4oC during the first week of October. The people north of Edmonton seemed to have escaped without the snow, this time, but we are all in a period of wait and see, with the anticipation of

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Oct 4

Team Alberta says PMRA’s proposed cancellation of Strychnine could cause severe economic consequences for farmers in controlling gopher populations

Posted on Oct 4 By: Victoria Decker

With the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) proposing the complete cancellation of Strychnine for its use in controlling Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (gopher) populations, Team Alberta says farmers must be able to retain access to this product since there are currently no safe or effective alternatives to protect crops from damage. Severe gopher outbreaks could result

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