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Apr 7

Cereal Leaf Beetle threat can be fought by introducing wasps

Posted on Apr 7 By: Taryn Dickson
The parasitic wasp will lay its eggs into developing beetle larvae, which will then hatch from the inside of the beetle, killing the host.  Credit: University of Alberta

It has cousins that attack asparagus, cucumbers and potatoes, but these little insects may be interested in your cereal crop next. The cereal leaf beetle—Oulema melanopus L.—native to Eurasia made its North American debut in southwest Michigan in 1962. Fifty years later, it’s concerning Alberta farmers. This four-to-six millimetre bluishblack and red adult beetle was

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Apr 4

Farm safety: Not knowing is not the answer

Posted on Apr 4 By: Madeleine Baerg
Farmers are encouraged to set up farm safety plans for their operations. It’s a simple procedure that can give you great peace of mind. Credit: AB Archives

As we gear up for the growing season, it’s a great time to think about farm safety. While it may seem repetitive to brush up on safety each spring, it just might save your life and your farm. “Being a farm safety professional, sometimes we feel like Maytag salesmen,” said Laurel Aitken, farm safety coordinator

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Apr 3

Grain Growers of Canada Update

Posted on Apr 3 By: Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips, executive director of the Grain Growers of Canada Credit: Grain Growers of Canada

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an Asia-Pacific regional trade deal that includes many of Canada’s key export markets and export competitors, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei. Other potential partners that may join in the near future include Mexico and Japan. As members of the Canadian AgriFood

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Feb 23

Combatting Fusarium before it’s visible

Posted on Feb 23 By: Helen McMenamin
Fusarium graminearum can be present before you see visible signs.  Credit: Dr. Kelly Turkington

A Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) survey of over 900 cereal and corn fields in Alberta in 2010 showed the disease is spreading beyond irrigated areas. Research indicates it is a disease well-worth fighting before you see it. FHB, also called scab or tombstone, is caused by several species of the fungus Fusarium, of which the

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Feb 15

Intelligent nano-fertilizers herald the future

Posted on Feb 15 By: Caitlin Crawshaw
Dr. Carlos Monreal is working to create intelligent nano-fertilizers.  Credit: : Dr. Carlos Monreal

For generations, farmers have understood the importance of nitrogen to the growth of their crops and have struggled to boost nitrogen levels in the soil. Conventional fertilizer can only do this to a small extent, since the bulk of it is destroyed by water or wind before being used by plants. “For every $100 a

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Feb 3

Masters of malt: Elite Barley recognizes excellence

Posted on Feb 3 By: Kailen Renelle Krawec
The Elite Barley: Canadian Malting Barley Grower Recognition Program celebrates the best in Western Canadian malt barley production.  Credit: AB Archives

Producing malt-quality barley is a proud achievement for many barley growers. Each year, the Elite Barley: Canadian Malting Barley Grower Recognition Program celebrates producers who meet numerous production challenges—from weather to harvest to storage—in order to produce the best malt barley in Canada. An industry-led program, exceptional producers of malt barley are nominated by participating

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