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Apr 2

University lab manager joins ABC

Posted on Apr 2 By: admin

(Calgary, AB) April 2, 2013 – Alberta Barley is proud to announce to the hire of Garson Law, the organization’s new research manager. Law joins the Commission after 16 years at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where he studied and worked in research capacities including bio-­‐preservation, bio-­‐refining and medical research. His Master’s degree focused

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Mar 20

Canada’s homegrown superfood set to take centre stage

Posted on Mar 20 By: admin

(Calgary, AB) March 20, 2013 — Barley is finally getting the recognition it deserves with a new consumer website——a one-stop-shop for everything barley. The website features over 60 brand new recipes from mains dishes to desserts, as well as a series of barley “how to videos” and multiple blog posts from nutritionists and foodies. Aimed

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Mar 8

Commissions appreciate being spared from deep cuts in PC’s 2013-14

Posted on Mar 8 By: admin

(Calgary, AB) March 8, 2013 — Following a conference call with Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development (AARD) Minister Verlyn Olson the evening of March 7, Alberta Barley and the Alberta Wheat Commission learned the extent of the cuts to agriculture. The ministry slashed $44.8 million from its operating and capital budgets, including the province’s six-cent

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Feb 28

Barley Council of Canada (BCC) announces Board of Directors

Posted on Feb 28 By: admin

(Calgary, AB) February 28, 2013 – The first Board of Directors for the Barley Council of Canada (BCC) is now in place. The organization is modeled after groups like the Canola Council of Canada and Pulse Canada, but the BCC’s board is equally distributed between farmers and industry members from across Canada. “As industry members

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Dec 11

Alberta Barley supports rail legislation

Posted on Dec 11 By: admin

(Calgary, AB) December 11, 2012 — Alberta Barley is pleased with the Fair Rail Freight Service Act, Bill C-52, introduced in the House of Commons today. “We are optimistic that this legislation will be beneficial to farmers who require a timely and efficient rail service in order to be competitive in our new marketing reality,”

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Dec 6

Research chair stays on as Director-at-Large

Posted on Dec 6 By: admin

(Banff, AB) Dec. 6, 2012 – Richard Mueller will remain as Alberta Barley’s director-at-large for Region Five after defeating challenger and former director Leo Meyer. The announcement came at the ABC’s annual general meeting in Banff and Mueller was happy to hear he will continue to serve Alberta’s barley farmers. “I’m pleased with the result,”

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Nov 29

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Posted on Nov 29 By: Tyler Difley
Grant Robinson of BDO Canada’s SuccessCare Program—just one of many succession planning options.  Credit: Grant Robinson.

As many will attest, farming is far more than just work—it’s a way of life. A vast number of farmers have been living and working on the farm since they were children, often following in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers before them. This process is commonplace in the cycle of the family farm.

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Nov 22

Malting contracts: pros and cons

Posted on Nov 22 By: Curtis Haugan
Contracts can be a great way to attempt to secure a profitable finish with a maltster Credit: AB Archives

This autumn, as crops around the province were brought to harvest, the many days and nights of hard work, worry and diligence were largely rewarded. There was, however, something else working behind the scenes for certain farmers—malt contracts. Before a seed is even put in the ground, meetings between growers and malting companies are scheduled

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Nov 18

U.S. grain trading: devil is in the details

Posted on Nov 18 By: Gen Handley
Western farmers looking to sell their barley, wheat and durum to American buyers need to understand their contracts in order to manage their risk.  Credit: Jeremiah Thompson/Stock Photo

According to barley growers north and south of the border, you need to know as many contract details as possible before selling in the open market. “Farmers are going to have to be more careful of the contracts they’re signing,” said Brian Otto, a southern Alberta barley grower and Chair of the Barley Council of

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