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Apr 22

Three year malt contracts a recipe for success

Posted on Apr 22 By: Tamara Leigh
From left to right: Leon Sharyon, Lagunitas CFO; Doug Herman, Grower; Pat Murray, Grower; Brent McBean, Grower; Barry Tebb, Grower; Greg Murray, Grower; Spencer Hilton, Grower; Tony Magee, Lagunitas Owner; Sterling Hilton, Grower; Jeremy Marshall, Lagunitas Brewmaster; Marc Worona, Rahr; and Kevin Sich, Rahr Credit: Rahr Malting Company

Combine a California brewery, one of Canada’s leading maltsters, 12 Alberta barley growers and a three-year growing contract, and you’ll get a new recipe for barley marketing that’s turning the heads of growers and brewers alike. Two years ago, Lagunitas Brewing out of Petaluma, CA, contacted Rahr Malting Company to arrange a meeting with some

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Apr 21

Editor’s Message

Posted on Apr 21 By: Anne-Marie Bruzga-Luchak

After a wet spring that left much of the province sloppy and made seeding late, we’ve been treated to some record-breaking fall weather that’s ushered in another productive harvest. But adapting to these kinds of extreme changes, especially with weather, is a hallmark of agriculture. In the world of Alberta Barley communications, one of our

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Apr 20

Water use efficiency research yields positive results

Posted on Apr 20 By: Tyler Difley
Br. Anthony Anyia and his technologist, Ryan Melnichuk, study barley test plots in 2009. Credit: University of Alberta

Since 2006, Alberta Research Council Crop Scientist Anthony Anyia and University of Alberta Soil Science Professor Scott Chang have worked on a research project that could yield very positive results for barley growers, both in Alberta and around the world. Their research aims to find ways to make barley drought resistant and more efficient in

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Apr 19

Positive results for urea in ESN blend

Posted on Apr 19 By: Sarah Weigum
Field Technologist Craig Sprout collects N20 gas samples from a field plot in Neerlandia, near Barrhead.  Credit: Heather Estrada

While nitrogen management is complex and varied, preliminary results of a new study show that the optimum rate of nitrogen may be higher than previously thought. Between 2008 and 2012, Alberta Agri- culture and Rural Development (AARD), in collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), investigated the effects of various nitrogen fertilizer management practices on

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Apr 18

Above average barley production on the books

Posted on Apr 18 By: Lee Hart
Farmers across the province generally experienced both a positive growing season and harvest. Barley production in Alberta was slated to generate more than four million tonnes this year and 8.8 million across the country. Credit: Michael Interisano

It is not perfect across the province, but many Alberta farmers reported decent-to-exceptional looking barley crops this year. Moisture was good, although excessive in some areas. Some growers said their crops were on time or early, while others reported delayed maturity due to late seeding or cooler growing conditions. In parts of central and southern

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Apr 17

Alberta Barley supports proposed amendments to Western Canadian deduction

Posted on Apr 17 By: admin

(Calgary, AB) April 17, 2013 — Alberta Barley (ABC) stands behind the federal government’s proposed amendments to the current Western Canadian wheat and barley deduction regulations. Changes to The Regulations Respecting Research, Market Development and Technical Assistance (Wheat and Barley) will give the ABC up to 90 days to process refunds after the end of

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Apr 15

Local beer adds a little sparkle

Posted on Apr 15 By: Tamara Leigh

They grew up by the creek, they farmed by the creek, and now they are making beer by the creek. The founders of Ribstone Creek Brewery in Edgerton are hoping that their local brewery will light a spark in the economy of their rural Alberta town. It all started four years ago, when Alvin Gordon

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Apr 11

AC Metcalfe still king in malt circles

Posted on Apr 11 By: Lee Hart

AC Metcalfe isn’t the only malting barley variety available to Alberta growers, but it is certainly one of the most favoured, say maltsters and grain marketers. Some other varieties may have a fit in some niche markets, but regardless of how good a variety sounds from an agronomic standpoint, the primary rule is to grow

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Apr 11

Study sheds new light on fighting wild oats

Posted on Apr 11 By: Tyler Difley
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Scientist Neil Harris said most wild oats will be resistant to at least one herbicide in the next few years because the same sprays are used over and over again. Credit: Tyler Difley

A recent study concluded cultural practices present an attractive alternative to herbicide alone when controlling wild oats in barley. According to the report, which was published in the journal Weed Science, optimal cultural practices combined with herbicides are a farmer’s best bet to reduce the wild oat seed in the soil seed bank and increase

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Apr 11

Renters, owners connect online for land

Posted on Apr 11 By: Geoff Geddes
Lyndon Lisitza founded, an online clearing house for farmland.  Credit: Myek O’Shea

If the developer of a new farmland website has his way, his company Renterra may become the agricultural equivalent of eBay. According to owner Lyndon Lisitza, is Western Canada’s first rental auction website for farmland. “Renterra provides an effective tool to post, search and bid on available rental farmland through an efficient, transparent auction

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