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Sep 9

Bringing agriculture to the big city

Posted on Sep 9 By: Sydney Duhaime

Marketing and events co-ordinator, Lauren Reid, brings Alberta Barley to agriculture events across the province. Like most people born and raised in the city, Lauren Reid, marketing and events co-ordinator for Alberta Barley, was a relative newcomer to agriculture. “I didn’t come from a farming background,” the Calgary native explained. “As a city kid, you don’t often think about where your food

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Sep 1

Alberta Barley calls on farmers to get involved

Posted on Sep 1 By: Sydney Duhaime

(Calgary, Alberta) September 1, 2015 – Alberta Barley is asking the province’s barley farmers to get involved, and submit their nominations for the commission’s upcoming director elections. “I first joined Alberta Barley as a delegate to learn about my industry,” said Alberta Barley chairman and director-at-large Mike Ammeter. “Over the years, I have learned how important

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Sep 1

Alberta farmers ready to participate in occupational health and safety consultation

Posted on Sep 1 By: Cole Christensen

(Calgary, Alberta) Sept. 1, 2015 – As the future of farm safety policy takes shape, Alberta’s crop commissions, comprised of elected farmer representatives, are ready and willing to contribute to the discussion. “Alberta’s crop commissions look forward to working with the Government of Alberta on this critical issue,” said Alberta Barley chairman Mike Ammeter. “Our

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Aug 26

SARDA’s Annual Research Reports

Posted on Aug 26 By: Sydney Duhaime

SARDA has been performing trials on techniques and inputs for many years and now the reports are available below and on the SARDA website.    

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Aug 6

Alberta Barley Election News

Posted on Aug 6 By: Sydney Duhaime

Alberta Barley holds its elections every fall during regional meetings. Any barley farmer is eligible to become a delegate or a director in 2015 so long as they have paid a service charge in 2013, 2014 or 2015 (according to Section 17 of the Alberta Barley Plan Regulation). Alberta Barley is governed by a nine-person board

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Aug 4

Alberta Barley hires new general manager

Posted on Aug 4 By: Cole Christensen

(Calgary, Alberta) Aug. 4, 2015 – Alberta Barley’s board of directors are pleased to announce that Rob Davies has been hired as the general manager of the commission. “Having spent my entire career working in agriculture across Western Canada, I am very excited for this opportunity to work with Alberta farmers and the Alberta Barley

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Jul 22

Researching the potent potential for barley protein

Posted on Jul 22 By: Cullen Bird & Patrick Whynot

When it comes to researching proteins, peptides and amino acids, Lingyun Chen is like a kid in a candy store. As Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in plant protein structure function and nutraceutical delivery at the University of Alberta, Chen studies the unique value-added applications of barley protein. Originally from Wuhan, China, Chen’s interest

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Jul 15

Trade Missions: Building markets and relationships

Posted on Jul 15 By: Sydney Duhaime

Representatives from Alberta Barley, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Barley Council of Canada, Canadian International Grains Institute and Embassy of Canada in Japan on May 26, 2014. Canadian agriculture depends on international trade—in fact, nine out of 10 farms across Canada rely on export markets. With that in mind, it’s important that organizations like Alberta Barley serve

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Jun 30

Lethbridge College Agriculture Business Risk Management Program to be offered this fall

Posted on Jun 30 By: Lyndsay Smith

The following is a guest blog from Lyndsay Smith, the industry liaison for agriculture with Lethbridge College. Agriculture Business Risk Management is right for you if you are an agricultural operator who desires a better understanding of the fluidity of your commodity pricing or the areas of financial risk and opportunity in your operation; an aspiring

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Jun 29

Refund deadline for the Western Wheat and Barley Check-Off Program is July 31

Posted on Jun 29 By: Sydney Duhaime

Calgary, AB (June 29, 2015) – Alberta Barley is reminding farmers in Western Canada that the upcoming July 31, 2015 deadline for refund applications under the Western Wheat and Barley Check-Off Program is fast approaching. Administered by Alberta Barley, the five-year transitional Western Wheat and Barley Check-Off Program was established on August 1, 2012 via regulations under

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