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Press Release

Feb 28

Barley Council of Canada (BCC) announces Board of Directors

Posted on Feb 28 By: admin

(Calgary, AB) February 28, 2013 – The first Board of Directors for the Barley Council of Canada (BCC) is now in place.

The organization is modeled after groups like the Canola Council of Canada and Pulse Canada, but the BCC’s board is equally distributed between farmers and industry members from across Canada.

“As industry members and farmers, our Board of Directors recognizes the importance of equal representation when developing national strategies to strengthen the Canadian barley industry,” said Brian Otto, BCC chairman.

The BCC is made-up of a diverse cross section of the barley industry, including representation from malting, brewing, feed manufacturers, feed users, grain handlers/exporters, researchers and seed/life sciences companies.

“One of our key business focuses is to develop a reliable, internationally competitive supply of quality malting barley,” said John Holliday, president of Canada Malting Ltd. “We believe the BCC has the potential to foster value chain collaboration, provide a balanced effort and leverage existing industry association resources to provide a unified voice for all barley value chain participants. This leadership model will help to strengthen barley’s position in Canadian crops and improve the competitiveness of all value chain participants.”

Otto agreed.

“We seek to create efficiencies and prevent duplication of research, services and programs,” said Otto. “Many current and future opportunities exist for Canada’s barley industry, from increasing exports to expanding the domestic malt, feed and food markets.”

The Board will be incorporating in the coming weeks.

For more information, please contact:

Caitlan Carver
Public Relations Coordinator
(403) 219-6263

Barley Council of Canada Board of Directors

Farmer Representatives:

  • Alberta Barley: Trevor Petersen, Alberta Barley vice-chairman
  • Manitoba Barley Farmers: Doug Chorney, Keystone Agricultural Producers and Manitoba wheat/barley 
working group
  • Saskatchewan Barley Industry: Bill Cooper, Saskatchewan wheat/barley working group
  • Western Barley Growers Association: Brian Otto, WBGA President
  • Directors-at-Large (3): 
o Atlantic Canada: Neil Campbell, PEI Grain Elevators Corp o B.C: Garnett Berge, B.C. Grain Producers Director
o Across Canada – Pending

Industry Representatives:


  • Malt: John Holliday, Canada Malting
  • Brewer: Patrick Rowan, BARI Canada Inc.
  • Feed User / Feeder: Jay Burrows, Western Feedlots
  • Grain Handlers / Exporters: Chantelle Donahue, Cargill Canada
  • Research: Brian Rossnagel, University of Saskatchewan, Department of Agriculture Professor Emeritus
  • CropLife Canada: Janice Tranberg, CropLife
  • Feed Manufacturer: Pending

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