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Press Release

Oct 24

Barley and oat farmers congratulate Cereals Canada – Provincial organizations anticipate working together

Posted on Oct 24 By: admin

(Calgary, Alberta) October 23, 2013 – Alberta Barley, Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SBDC), and the Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA) would like to congratulate Cereals Canada on their establishment and look forward to working with them on issues of common interest.

“We anticipate working with Cereals Canada on issues of national and international importance, largely through our participation in the Barley Council of Canada,” said Alberta Barley Chairman Matt Sawyer. “On the home front, we remain focused on representing Alberta barley farmers and working to achieve profitability for our crop.”

All three organizations will work in collaboration with their provincial, regional and national counterparts to ensure that strategic initiatives that benefit farmers, including market access and policy, remain a top priority.

Alberta Barley, POGA and the SBDC are not members of Cereals Canada. Nevertheless, they recognize the value of the work being done to address the changes to Canada’s agricultural landscape.

“We welcome another voice advocating for Canadian agriculture,” said Shawna Mathieson, Executive Director of POGA. “However, POGA will continue to be the voice, and promote the interests, of oat growers throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.”

In Saskatchewan, SBDC Chair Bill Cooper noted the importance of ensuring farmer levies are invested responsibly.

“We are accountable to the Saskatchewan barley farmers,” said Cooper. “They expect nothing less than their directors to invest in projects that will add value to barley production.”

For more information, contact:

Cole Christensen
Interim Communications Manager
(403) 589-3529

Shawna Mathieson
Prairie Oat Growers Association
Executive Director
(306) 530-8545

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